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At IMG, we believe that direct mail generates a response rate that is far higher than all other digital media combined. With our commitment to supporting you to reach success, we will walk you through each phase of a direct mail project.

Each project will be designed to suit your team's needs. We will focus on giving you the best opportunity for a successful campaign. Our team will employ a hands-on approach in tracking and monitoring your campaign to give you a clear picture of the trend that works. Find out how we can help you enhance your marketing and business brand.

Our Highly Competitive Services

Data Mailing Lists and Leads

We strive to make direct mail marketing work to its fullest potential by using accurate and up-to-date data. To achieve better outcomes, our team uses databases that produce more precise targeted lists, containing the latest industry information. Additionally, we offer full data management, including file creation, formatting, cleaning, data entry, and scanning. All of these are available at reasonable pricing.

Creative Mail Pieces

You have roughly 15 seconds to capture the attention of the customer who is opening your mail piece. This is the reason why you need to ensure that the mail pieces you send to potential new clients and customers are top-grade. Developing well-designed marketing pieces as part of a sound overall direct mail strategy is vitally important. Our solutions are well-known across the industry for their effectiveness.


A personalized URL (PURL) is a unique and individualized landing page created especially for each recipient of your direct mail marketing campaign. This system caters to those customers and clients who would opt to give their information online and have you call them back.

This process will also allow us to collect valuable information from prospects, which will then be used in making your subsequent marketing campaigns even more relevant. By incorporating PURLs in your project, you'll be able to benefit from:

  • Increased response rates

  • The ability to track responses in real-time, and receive email alerts to instantly follow up with interested prospects

  • Customer engagement at a deeper level


Lead Tracking/CRM

At IMG, we will guide you on how to keep all of your potential prospects in one place. We will provide you access to our lead tracking system, allowing you to know who is calling based on their personal reference number on their letter. You will then be able to obtain their details, such as full name, address, and other important information. 

In addition, you can monitor, measure, and evaluate your marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. 

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