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Solar Direct Mail

Solar Panels Marketing

Advertising online, in print, and on TV can be expensive and you never know if you're reaching the right audience at the right time.

But using direct mail marketing for your solar products and services allows you to focus on precisely targeted groups of potential customers who are more likely to be interested and ready to respond.

With targeted direct mail, you can even address your potential customers by name and target your message to them individually so that you match your message to their known interests. Customers who feel like you know and understand their needs are more likely to respond to your efforts.

There is a variety of options for formatting when dealing with direct mail: letters, brochures, postcards and other inexpensive and cost-effective types of mail are available.

How is the solar industry marketing itself? Are solar technology companies getting their message out to customers?

Those are some of the questions addressed in a recent survey conducted by San Jose State University. The results were somewhat surprising. According to the survey results, most Americans could not think of the name of any solar company providing solar systems for homes. The few who could name any solar companies at all could only name one or two. Most of the survey respondents also said that they did not consider solar to be affordable for themselves.

Now is the time to get your message out about solar technology and services. The best solar marketing and advertising has the ability to educate consumers as well as capturing their attention. For example, while it's well known that solar power is good for the environment and a great alternative to fossil fuels, many American consumers don't realize how affordable it can be. Solar panel technology can be confusing so direct mail advertising is a great way to simplify things and explain the benefits of solar in a way that makes sense to people.

The advantages of using direct mail for solar

Solar Direct Mail

At IMG Direct Marketing, we have the best, most accurate and up-to-date data and mailing lists for marketing. We also have the demographic data that allows us to help you target the right consumers with the right message at the right time. We get out data from the most credible sources in the industry so we can provide you with a database of potential customers who are ready and eager to learn about your solar technology and services offering.

With highly accurate mailing lists, your direct mail campaign will get amazing results in a relatively short period of time. And since direct mail responses can be accurately counted and measured, we can use sophisticated data tools to show you how cost effective your campaign is.

With high quality solar direct mailing lists and affordable prices for campaigns, you will find that IMG Direct Marketing has the best value in the industry. We get results for our clients and they keep coming back for more successful direct mail projects.

Give IMG Direct Marketing a call at 888-669-8857 and let's get started! We are experts in solar direct mail marketing and we're ready to help you.

Recent blog posts on solar direct mail marketing

  • Top 5 modern marketing tools for solar companies

    For companies of all kinds, keeping up with the best marketing tools and trends is a challenge. That's true for companies in the solar industry as well. Everyone knows that solar is in high demand right now and it is generating a lot of interest. But some consumers are still resisting the investment that solar calls for. To succeed at marketing solar products we have to overcome the perceived problems of high cost, complexity, and reliability issues.

    Here are the top 5 marketing tools used by successful solar marketers to get the message out to interested but skeptical consumers.

    1. Direct Mail: The tried-and-true king of direct marketing techniques is still the most effective. With targeted direct mail campaigns aimed directly at great leads, this tool allows you to focus on certain demographics to get your message to the right people at the right time. Surveys show that the purchase of solar leads for your direct mail campaigns provides a great return on investment.

    2. Social Media: Some people still think of social marketing as a tool for the future, but the truth is we are right in the heart of the social media marketing age. Thousands of solar companies are effectively using Twitter and Facebook to distribute content and stoke excitement about their products. It can also be used to run promotions and provide links back to your main website. Read the rest of this article on the blog.

  • Women are the key to the residential solar market

    As we learn more and more about how to market solar technology for households, we are finding that very often the women of the household tend to be the initiators in most home improvement projects, and that includes solar installations. This information gives us a great opportunity to improve the targeting of our marketing efforts.

    Identity, a national communications company, recently conducted a survey called "Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women" for American mothers and other female homeowners with the intent of learning more about how and why women choose to consider investing in solar.

    The survey included information about the five stages of buying that are generally thought to be involved in the decision making process. Information from the survey can be used to improve how solar marketing and sales are done.

    Here are a few more interesting findings from the recent survey:

    The number one benefit of going solar, according to women, is the money savings. Number two is the benefits to the environment.

    Most women, like most Americans, are still under the misconception that going solar is too expensive. This is one area where our marketing messages can continue to improve.

    Most of the women surveyed preferred online sources of information when doing solar research.


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