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New Mover Mailing Lists

Someone who has just recently moved to a new city or town, or even just into a new home, tends to be in the market for very specific products and services. It is for this reason that marketers have found new mover mailing lists useful. These lists allow you to send highly specific and valuable information to a list of people who are known to be new movers. It is this kind of highly targeted advertising that can make direct mail marketing so successful.

New Movers Need Local Goods and Services

New movers tend to be eager to establish relationships with a variety of local businesses and organizations. Our new mover mailing lists can help you reach out to this highly responsive market. These new movers are outstanding prospects for a variety of goods and services, including but not limited to:

new mover direct mail
  • Restaurants and dining
  • Product Catalogs
  • Credit Cards and Banks
  • Retail Stores
  • Home Improvement Goods and Services
  • Appliances
  • Household Furnishings and Cleaning
  • Pet Products and Veterinary Services
  • Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Be The First To Make an Impression

In general, new movers tend not to be familiar with local service providers, retailers, businesses and other organizations. This presents an ideal opportunity for you to make your case for them to give you their business! By using our New Mover Mailing Lists, you can find and get to know thousands of prospective clients and customers, including recent homebuyers, retirees, and renters.

Our new movers mailing lists are compiled from multiple sources, both private and public, so you can get a complete picture of the prevalence of new movers in certain areas.

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  • Valuable information about new mover mailing lists and direct mail

    They have a vast array of interests including entertainment such as music, sports, movies, and collecting. People in this demographic group also tend to be interested in health-related topics and the environment, so they are a good candidates for solar direct mail.

    One important thing to new movers is to local businesses to do business with. With our new mover direct mailing lists, our clients are able to get the attention of new movers at just the right time.

    Most new movers are not yet familiar with local vendors and service providers, so this is your golden opportunity to pick up new customers and spread the word about your company.


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