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New Homeowner Mailing Lists

Use New Homeowner Mailing Lists To Reach Great Customers

What makes new homeowners ideal potential customers is that they tend to be stable, they have better than average income, they are creditworthy, and they are ready and eager to buy your products and services! Studies have shown that the best time to reach out to these potential customers is immediately after they buy their homes. When new homeowners buy a new home, and the two years following that event, they tend to spend an average of 10 times more money than an established homeowner. This is what makes Direct Marketing to them with our New Homeowner Mailing Lists such an effective technique.

new homeowner

A new homeowner is always anxious to get to know his or her new community and to establish a relationship with important local businesses and organizations. They also tend to have a need for many new services and products to help them get settled or established in their new homes and communities. For example, they want to find things such as doctors, dentists, restaurants, home decorating and improvement stores, cleaning services, and more.

New Homeowner Mailing Lists are used by direct marketers to get valuable information to their potential customers at the right time. In order to be effective, this type of mailing list should provide leads that are accurate and continually kept up-to-date.

Where the New Homeowner Mailing List Data Comes From

Our data is compiled from a combination of the largest U.S. deed recording databases and public records and include mortgage transaction details and property info directly from county tax assessor filings. The databases are updated regularly to ensure that they contain the most accurate and up-to-date information. This new homeowner information is the key to success with this type of direct mail marketing campaign.

We've worked with our clients to create thousands of highly customized mailing lists, which have been proven to get great results and provide solid value. With our accurate and up-to-date new homeowner mailing lists, you can expect to reach thousands of interested and active potential customers.

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