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The access that IMG has to Business lists is very extensive. Business lists provide the name of the president or owner of the business as well as the # of years in business, the # of employees, and estimated revenue. An IMG consultant will work with you to find your perfect prospect. We can find any type of business from a large corporation to a home-based business and even more.

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How to use business mailing lists for your direct mail campaign

Direct mail powered by business mailing lists has become a big advertising and marketing vehicle. It can be a viable part of any marketing plan which calls for reaching other businesses, from small and local businesses, to larger companies.

As with any other type of direct mail, one of the keys is to create a message or offer that captures the attention and interest of your prospective business customers and clients. For example, we all regularly receive mailers every day without paying attention to them. However, there are always those offers we read regularly, look forward to, and use. These are sometimes from companies we already do business with, but not always.

One thing to remember is that when targeting businesses, business mailing lists are the most important tool. Without a good targeted list of businesses to send to, you're wasting your time and money. A good business mailing list is only as good as the company that maintains it. We maintain our lists with meticulous care so that you always know the data is fresh and up to date.

The timing of a direct mail campaign is always important. If you are in retail and offering an item at a discounted price, ensure that you will have plenty of stock to meet demand. If you are offering a service such as an oil and filter change, staff up enough to meet demand on Saturday morning. Part of the art and science of direct mail marketing with business mailing lists is knowing when certain products and services are in demand and timing your campaign to coincide.

One more aspect to deal with is the tracking of responses. Unless you are getting details tracking the responses to your campaigns, you're not getting the full benefit of direct mail with business mailing lists. Knowing what worked and what didn't can be invaluable when planning your next campaign.

  • 15 statistics showing the effectiveness of direct mail marketing
    Bias towards direct mail marketing as obsolete or out of touch must be cast aside. There is no doubt that social media, SEO, and e-mail marketing are efficient ways of getting closer to your audience. However, online marketing does not necessarily guarantee results. Although direct mail marketing has its downsides, it does drive leads and sales much more than most online marketing strategy.
  • The numbers show direct mail marketing with business mailing lists is effective
    According to the 2012 Channel Preference Survey from ExactTarget, 65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or contacted the sender in some way.
  • How new postal changes will affect direct mail and business mailing lists
    NewsOK has an informative article on some new the USPS is implementing for 2013. Every year, the United States Postal Service makes mostly minor tweaks and small changes to the postal regulations, specifications and pricing. This article specifically talks about how these new changes affect direct mail marketing.

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