When to use saturation vs. targeted direct mail

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As marketers start comparing prices on their direct mail options, they often notice that they can save significant money with saturation rates compared to standard postal rates. This blog post addresses the pros and cons of both options.

saturation direct mail

To make an informed decision on this issue, you first have to decide what your marketing goals are. For example, you may be trying to get as many responses as possible, or you may want to focus on fewer but higher quality responders. This is the time to pay attention to your key metrics and statistics to make sure you're getting the most return on investment.

After deciding on your marketing goals, it's time to begin to lok at your targeting strategy. One way to do this is to look at analytics from previous direct mail campaigns, and comparing saturation and targeted mail.

Marketers often find that, in general, if there are relatively few targeted addresses in the area you plan to cover with saturation direct mail, then a conventional targeted direct mail campaign will usually be more cost effective in that area. When there are many targeted addresses in the area, saturation can save you a lot of money.



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