What makes live transfers so valuable

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One of the most frustrating things about trying to develop new clients and customers is failing to make contact at the right time. That's one of the problems that is solved by live transfer leads. With this type of lead, you are connected with a live prospect who is looking for your product, every single time. We put you on the phone with someone who has been shopping online for your services and is ready to talk to you. Live transfers represent a 100% connect rate and an extremely high return on investment. If you're interested in live transfers, give us a call at (888) 669-8857 and we can get you started right away.

One thing that makes live transfers so valuable is the fact that they are verified before they are transferred to you. That makes them the highest quality leads since they are on the phone and ready and willing to become your customer or client in the short term.

At IMG, we have a lot of experience with and knowledge of the sales cycles and trends of the industries we serve. With years of traditional offline and online marketing experience, we are able to offer lead proposals that fit your budget and give you that high return on investment you're always looking for. Companies of all sizes, large and small, can benefit from the advantages of live transfer leads to connect with eager potential customers.

One example of an industry that is benefitting tremendously from live transfers is the insurance industry. Since these live transfers happen in real time, an insurance agent is connected to a motivated buyer right at the moment they are looking to buy.

When we are developing leads, we make sure we are targeting customers who are actively shopping for and researching insurance policies. These customers have a clear goal to find coverage in the near future, making them just the people you want to talk to!




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