Valuable information about new mover mailing lists and direct mail

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In our experience, new movers - that is, people who have recently moved into a new home - are some of the best and most receptive consumers of direct mail marketing. What makes new movers unique?

The average new mover head of household is around 35 years of age. They tend to have decent household incomes and often do not have children. About 50% of new movers live in rented properties. This demographic tends to be extremely mobile, often staying in each place for a few years at a time.
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Some other common traits in the new mover demographic include some college education. They tend to buy things like automotive accessories, lower-priced clothing, outdoor equipment, and beauty supplies.

They have a vast array of interests including entertainment such as music, sports, movies, and collecting. People in this demographic group also tend to be interested in health-related topics and the environment, so they are a good candidates for solar direct mail.

One important thing to new movers is to local businesses to do business with. With our new mover direct mailing lists, our clients are able to get the attention of new movers at just the right time.

Most new movers are not yet familiar with local vendors and service providers, so this is your golden opportunity to pick up new customers and spread the word about your company.



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