Top 5 modern marketing tools for solar companies

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For companies of all kinds, keeping up with the best marketing tools and trends is a challenge. That's true for companies in the solar industry as well. Everyone knows that solar is in high demand right now and it is generating a lot of interest. But some consumers are still resisting the investment that solar calls for. To succeed at marketing solar products we have to overcome the perceived problems of high cost, complexity, and reliability issues.

Here are the top 5 marketing tools used by successful solar marketers to get the message out to interested but skeptical consumers.

1. Direct Mail: The tried-and-true king of direct marketing techniques is still the most effective. With targeted direct mail campaigns aimed directly at great leads, this tool allows you to focus on certain demographics to get your message to the right people at the right time. Surveys show that the purchase of solar leads for your direct mail campaigns provides a great return on investment.

2. Social Media: Some people still think of social marketing as a tool for the future, but the truth is we are right in the heart of the social media marketing age. Thousands of solar companies are effectively using Twitter and Facebook to distribute content and stoke excitement about their products. It can also be used to run promotions and provide links back to your main website.

3. SEO: Google's statistics show that solar products are a popular topic for web searches and their popularity is growing every day. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, means optimizing your website to improve your ranking in the search results. This leads directly to more sales and is a sound investment.

4. PR: People are out there looking for new information on the solar industry and its products. The media welcomes press releases related to this field. You can take advantage of this to reach more and more customers.

5. Email Marketing: Most people who use email have love/hate relationship with marketing email. When done right, email marketing can overcome the hurdles and reach a lot of interested consumers.

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