The most common direct mail marketing mistakes

Comments None has a nice article on some of the most common mistakes made when starting out with direct mail marketing, and how to avoid them. Here's a short excerpt:

Every list requires a little regular "house cleaning." You must even perform an NCOA on your own house file (compare the file to the National Change of Address list and update the addresses of those that have moved). You also want to make sure to NCOA lists you buy or lease. This will keep you from mailing to inaccurate addresses, or outdated addresses of people who have moved. Then you want to scrub all your lists of duplicates – especially if you’re mailing to more than one list that may be drawing from the same population. And you want to compare all your lists to Suppress files of people who are deceased, in prison, or whom you don’t want to receive your offer for some reason. An unclean list will cause you to waste money – and you won’t be reaching the true prospects you need to reach.

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