Political mail to play a big role this election season

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direct mail power for political campaignsAccording to the US Postal Service, "Political mail is expected to be heavy this election season from campaigns, interest groups, and political action committees. Direct Mail is a proven, cost effective, and extremely powerful political campaign tool that can help candidates, campaign committees, and political parties get their messages to voters."

Political direct mail is classified by the USPS differently from other types of mail. Political mail constitutes mail sent by:

* A political committee such as the RNC or DNC
* An active political candidate
* A committee campaign on the local, state, or federal level

This is different from election mail, which is any piece of mail that is sent to or from election officials and aids in the voting process:

* Absentee applications
* Polling place notifications
* Ballot materials
* Mail-in ballots
* Voter registration cards

The upcoming 2014 election season looks like it will be one of the most complex and interesting challenges faced by political campaigns in years. Political battles are closely contested and every advantage can make the vital difference.

That's why successful campaign managers know the huge advantages of targeted political direct mail, such as:

* Mail pieces are given clear attention and kept by conscientious voters
* Mail pieces are rarely ignored like digital marketing sometimes is
* Direct mail can effectively target specific voters and tell a full story



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