Political direct mail now more effective than ever

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With the upcoming election season, many campaign managers are obsessed with finding the best way to reach voters with their message. While people outside of the industry may not realize it, successful campaign managers realize that one of their most effective weapons is targeted political direct mail. Here are a few reasons why.

Political direct mail is scientifically proven to work. It may not be the newest or most exiting technique on the block, but the effectiveness of political direct mail is not in doubt. It's been tested over the years and never faltered. Scientific study after scientific study, they all show that campaigns and political committees that conduct tests have shown that political direct mail has a real impact on campaign outcomes. The bottom line remains the same: when you use targeted data to get the right message to the right people at the right time, you can bank on positive results. This technique can have various effects, from increasing voter turnout, to effecting the voting tendencies of the public.

Political direct mail lets your message stand out. The general wisdom is that direct mail is considered "junk mail" and is ignored by its recipients. Don't let the general wisdom fool you. In this day and age, digital media like email is much more often ignored. No matter what the format is, some people will ignore any marketing message. But if you use good targeted data and a solidly crafted message, political direct mail will work its magic just like it always has.

Traditional mail gets attention. Even though this generation of Americans is much more active on the online world, checking the mailbox or PO box is still part of most peoples' daily routine. No one goes through that routine without paying attention to each piece of mail they receive. Particularly, for older Americans, mail is something that receives special attention. This is great for political campaigns because older Americans also tend to be more consistent and engaged voters. These are the people who political campaigns want to cater to.



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