New postal service marketing chief touts direct mail marketing

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According to this article from, the United States Postal Service has hired a new marketing director, Nagisa Manabe, and she is going to advocate using more direct mail marketing to advertise USPS services.
"The surprising thing about that is, what we normally recommend to our customers is 15-20 percent of their investment should be in direct mail," said Manabe, the agency's new chief marketing and sales officer (CMSO). Thanks to Manabe's direction, USPS is now practicing what it preaches.

The first change Manabe committed to making with USPS was to plan on spending at least 20 percent of the agency's marketing budget on direct mail and package communication. Manabe says that direct mail is proven to be an efficient and cost-effective way to market all kinds of products, so the USPS is only re-discovering what many large and small businesses already practice.
"It is true that in a tough economy or with significant budget challenges, every dollar we spend needs to be effective. There's no doubt of that. That said, we're committed to investing in the mail and our package business," Manabe said. "Our commitment is to continue to invest behind the parts of the business that are growing and healthy and to shore up the parts of the business, which with a little bit of nurturing would see better growth. So, we're actually standing firm on our commitment in advertising."



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