Mortgage direct mail: Most Real Estate Investors in CA intend to sell within 6 years

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According to a new article on MortgageNewsDaily, since real estate investors have played a key role in the state's housing market recovery, the California Association of Realtors® (C.A.R.) recently surveyed its members about their interactions with investor customers and have developed a profile of investors and their behavior.

Mortgage direct mailing

More than 60% of polled investors have said that they are following a long term plan involving investing, buying and holding property, though 75% of polled responders intend to hold onto their properties for less than 6 years. About 25% of the investors polled say they buy property in order to flip it.

Most investors, about 75 percent, are what C.A.R. termed small mom-and-pop type, owning between one and ten investment properties. Fifteen percent own one property, 46 percent own two to five, and 14 percent own six to 10.

Mortgage direct mail is the ideal way to get your message out to these investors and their own buyers!



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