How new postal changes will affect direct mail

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NewsOK has an informative article on some new the USPS is implementing for 2013. Every year, the United States Postal Service makes mostly minor tweaks and small changes to the postal regulations, specifications and pricing. This article specifically talks about how these new changes affect direct mail marketing.

"One significant change is folded self-mailers, the kind that arrive in your mailbox without an envelope. Horizontal self-mailers must have the final fold on the bottom, be printed on heavier paper, comply with the new maximum size of 6-inches-by-10.5-inches and have a maximum weight of 3 ounces."

"One change is business and courtesy replies on automation mailings. Reply devices must be automation compatible and include a Facing Identification Mark and Intelligent Mail Barcode. If the reply piece does not meet automation requirements, the outgoing mailing will not qualify for automation postage rates, which are some of the lowest rates available."

"Designers previously controlled the graphic process and sent their design to the printer and the mail house for implementation. Today, it's essential your designer and printer work closely with their mail house to have proofs approved before sending to production. Graphic designers or printers that are familiar with USPS mailing requirements should be able to design your mail pieces, choose correct paper weight stocks and prepare your mailing to meet the revised standard for automation mailing requirements."

"Be sure your mailing lists meet “Move Update Requirements” for automation postage discounts, using one of the USPS approved methods. They should also conform to new closure method standards on folded self-mailers using glue or non-perforated tabs, based on design and style size."



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