How live transfer leads differ from other lead types

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In this blog post we'll explain how live transfer leads differ from the various other types of leads that can bring in new business. Live transfer leads allow you to make the best use of your time when dealing with potential customers, making your business more efficient in its sales efforts.

One thing that makes a lead particularly valuable is exclusivity. Sales people in all industries love to have exclusive leads. The exclusive opportunity to do business with a great lead fuels many businesses. So clearly there are many advantages to being able to get exclusive highly targeted live transfer leads.

This type of lead allows you to do some important things. For example, you receive your lead quickly, in real time. You start speaking to a live person on the phone at just the right time... when they're actively seeking information on the products and services you offer. This allows you to see and measure your results in a matter of minutes, not months like with traditional advertising.

With live transfers you can control the number of leads you invest in per day. This allows you to customize your flow of leads depending on how quickly you and your staff can handle them.

Live transfer leads also have amazing closing ratios compared to other types of marketing and advertising. Since these leads are active and highly motivated, the return on investment with live transfers is far superior to other types of leads.

To make the most of live transfer leads, it's best to have a well trained sales staff that is prepared and able to handle this type of sale. Internet leads and the like can be better for companies that are better equipped to handle customers over a longer period of time.

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