Direct mail marketing stays strong even in the era of digital everything

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Every month, more and more scientific polls and studies continue to show the amazing effectiveness of modern direct mail marketing.

Especially in the age of digital everything, traditional mail with powerful and precise targeting has a huge advantage at getting peoples' attention.

direct mail marketing gets attention

Here's a small excerpt from a recent article at

One reason is simply that direct mail has better targeting data. As much ink is spilled about how much personal data Facebook and Google know about us, direct-mail data still reigns supreme. “Advances in data-gathering, combined with the ability to segment and model with more precision than ever before, enables heavy-duty microtargeting with direct mail,” writes Andrew Fegley, president of Remarketable, in a recent post for Entrepreneur.

Direct mail also helps to boost your other marketing channels. “In fact, The Little Book of Bigger Returns found that when direct mail was used as part of an integrated campaign, it boosted those brands’ ROI by 20 percent and helped improve the lift of online campaigns by a whopping 62 percent,” reports Fegley.



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