Direct mail marketing for insurance in 2014

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Many insurance agents and marketers are using direct mail to generate valuable insurance leads. Statistics compiled by the Direct Marketing Association show that insurance providers and marketers spend over $6 billion per year on direct mail marketing. With all the available methods of marketing insurance, insurance agents find that direct mail gives them a clearly measurable way of generating their leads and finding new customers and clients.

Different kinds of Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance agents

Insurance brokers and agents have a wide variety of direct marketing techniques to choose from in their marketing efforts. For example, direct mail letters and direct mail post cards are popular proven products for reaching insurance clients. It's possible to buy valuable leads in the form of local insurance mailing lists, which can be used to mail out lead-generating pieces. This is a traditional and well-respected way of marketing insurance offers.

Tips for insurance direct marketing

Here are some time-tested tips used by successful insurance marketers to get the best possible responses with their direct mail marketing. One good technique is to offer some kind of reward or prize to anyone who responds to the marketing offer. The prize can be something like more information or a report on taking care of your home car, or real estate investment. Information on the kind of thing that the recipient may be trying to insure can be a valuable gift to your targeted customers. Another good idea is to use a targeted website and/or phone number so that you can track your responses more effectively.

Measuring and Analyzing your insurance marketing efforts

One of the great things about modern direct mail campaigns is how well they can be measured, and how valuable that information can be to marketers looking to improve future campaigns. Things like overall response rate, lead-to-close ratio, and others are valuable statistics to have at your fingertips.

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