Big year for the growth in the automotive industry, and an increase in automotive direct mail marketing

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According to recent data and an article from, advertising and the automotive industry are booming this year. Automakers and car dealers are choosing to shift more of their marketing dollars away from newspaper, TV, and radio and toward other types of media such as direct mail.

The industry is on track to spend $17.29 billion on auto marketing this year, up from $15.70 billion last year and $14.10 billion in 2011, according to a client memo distributed by Borrell Associates Inc. in Williamsburg, Va. Automotive direct mail advertising is expected to jump 39% this year and to overtake radio's market share.

automotive direct mail is leading to sales for auto dealers in 2013

These changes in marketing focus toward automotive direct mail advertising are helping the automotive industry have its best year since 2007. U.S. automakers have gained 1.2 points of market share.

Powered by low interest loans, light vehicle sales have increased every month in 2013. More and more automakers and dealers are getting great results from their direct mail marketing plans.



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