2016 Review of Direct Mail Marketing's Top Advantages

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This article from The Sequitur makes for a great review of all the advantages provided by direct mail marketing in 2016. Here's a short excerpt:

By using some carefully developed lists, you can target your mailing a lot more selectively than you can with most other media, like audiences, consumers and email marketing. You can reach almost any market segment, buyer profile, or area you feel is the most appropriate for your business. By doing this you can pick and choose who you send your letters and products too depending on how likely that type of person would be to respond, therefore giving yourself a better chance of receiving responses from people.

You can also make your mail more personal, by addressing people directly, and using informal language in your letters to appeal to the interest of the reader directly, by doing this you can appeal to them as a friend rather than a business.

Not only do you get benefits, but readers do to, because direct mail is a lot easier to respond to. You can include order cards or return envelopes, which make it a lot more convenient for people, as well as saving them time and money by providing them with the things they would otherwise have to go out and purchase in order to respond.



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